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Three-Wheel Maximal Fork Trucks for Dock Operations

At Maximal North America in Anchorage, Alaska, we offer three-wheel electric forklifts. The Maximal engineering team designed these fork trucks to specialize in loading dock operations. The team used an advanced design ideology to develop them.

Easy-to-Operate Machines

The three-wheel forklift is the perfect machine for dock operations. Like other Maximal forklift trucks, it is designed to be efficient while providing the maneuverability and power you need. Its main functions include loading and unloading heavy trucks and trailers. It stands out due to the following features:

The compact and low silhouette design allows it to maneuver in close spaces, eliminating the need for more expensive reach machines.
The previously mentioned feature allows the machine excellent maneuverability in multiple applications.
The dual-drive motor concept drives both wheels to create added traction on slippery surfaces, dock plates, and ramps to move loads efficiently and safely.
The steering wheel angle controls each drive motor, reducing power to one motor while making turns.
Oil-immersed hydraulic disk brakes provide safe operating control and extended service life.
The ZAPI AC electrical controller is programmable for specific applications.
The infinitely variable lift and drive control feature regenerative braking to capture and reserve energy.
48-volt high performance batteries provide maximum efficiency and extended run time between charges.
The batteries feature an aqua-fill system for easy and safe maintenance.
Superior quality I-beam and C-channel mast rails are positioned wide for best visibility through the mast for a clear view of the load and the fork tips.
A large grab handle, a low step, and a low seat height allow easy access and egress to the operator's compartment.
Right-hand hydraulic controls are ergonomically positioned for easy reach, permitting one-hand multi-functions.
A lighted LED display panel is positioned in direct line of sight, and monitors all component functions, including battery charge level, direction, travel speed, and hour meter.
A fully adjustable compact-size steering wheel and a large suspension seat provide comfort and added productivity during long shift operations.