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Maximal Forklifts for Easier Material Handling

Find advanced forklifts for sale at Maximal North America in Anchorage, Alaska. We are a certified Maximal forklift dealer with more than 50 years of experience. The Maximal brand is known all over the world for its foolproof quality control. Learn more about our equipment by contacting our office today.

Multi-Awarded Brand

When it comes to forklifts, Maximal is one of the most preferred brands. It has even garnered several awards, including:

Provincial High-Tech Enterprise | Famous Brand Export Products | Innovative Export Enterprise

Advanced Models

For many years, Maximal has provided technical R&D for updating army material handling equipment for the Military Transportation University™. They are also the authorized supplier for the General Logistics Department and General Reserve Department of PLA™. The brand is known for offering these three different types of forklift models:

2WD Rough Terrain | Compact 4WD Rough Terrain | Port Machinery

2WD Rough Terrain

Maximal rough terrain forklifts are tough, compact machines with a two-wheel drive system. Although designed after conventional forklifts, they are built to perform well even on uneven terrains.

Compact 4WD Rough Terrain

The hydraulic rough terrain forklifts are compact models based on 2WD forklifts, but with a four-wheel drive system. This system enables the forklift to work under harsh conditions and on rough terrains.

Port Machinery

The M Series is the first generation of forklifts designed by the Maximal engineering team. Its features include advanced technologies and superior parts. Buyers throughout the world admire the M Series trucks' finished appearance, made distinctive by its safety color design.