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Four-Wheel Electric Forklifts for Heavy-Duty Jobs

At Maximal North America in Anchorage, Alaska, we offer loading equipment that's made with the convenience of the forklift operator in mind. That's why all the electric forklifts in our inventory are highly reliable and easy to operate.

Four-Wheel Models

Our company carries different four-wheel drive models to suit your varying needs. You can choose from trucks that can carry 2,000 lb. loads or even heavy-duty equipment that can lift items that weigh up to 22,000-lbs. We can also provide you with Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Forklifts that have the capacity to lift 2,000 to 11,000 lbs.

The M Series Four-Wheel Pneumatic Electric Truck

The M Series' four-wheel pneumatic electric trucks have a lifting capacity between 2,000 and 7,000 lbs. Useful features include:

The 2,000 to 5,000 lb.-capacity trucks have an AC system and feature a ZAPI controller and a 48-volt high performance battery for better performance and extended run time between charges.
The 6,000 to 7,000 lb.-capacity trucks are equipped with an 80-volt electrical system that produces high torque and drawbar pull.
Both 48-volt and 80-volt systems provide comparable internal combustion truck performances, while reducing noise and eliminating odor and harmful emissions in the workplace.
The ZAPI controller can be programmed for ultimate performance and efficiency for specific applications.
The AC drive and pump motors eliminate costly brush replacement and motor repair, reducing maintenance and downtime.
The regenerative braking feature returns energy to the battery, extending its run time. It also reduces brake pedal effort, extending service brake life.
Heavy I-beam and C-channel mast rails are positioned to allow a clear view of the load and fork tips through the mast.
The spacious operator's compartment features ergonomic and convenient hydraulic controls, a lighted instrument panel, and a suspension seat with an operator's restraint system.
The small-diameter steering wheel can be adjusted for added operator comfort and productivity.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

Maximal 5,500 lb. / 2.5T, 7,700 lb. / 3.5T and RT 11,000 lb. / 5T rough terrain forklifts are built with an emphasis on performance, reliability, and high-tech design. Their highlighted features are listed below:

Powerful Performance:

Widely Accepted, High-Performance, and Reliable YANMAR 4TNE98 (EUIII) and PERKINS 1104C-44tadiesel Engines
Vertical Exhaust
Two-Wheel Drive System
Full-Floating Operator's Compartment
Power-Shift Transmission with Differential Lock
Maximum Mast Tilt Angle F/R 10/12
Robust Wide-View Mast
Class II and III Carriage with Hook-Mount Forks
Available Integral Side Shift
Optional Carriage Widths
High-Ground Clearance
Optional Features for Added Convenience and Productivity
Auxiliary Hydraulics (up to 5 Functions)
Wide Variety of Attachments
Optional Tire Sizes and Tread Patterns
Wide Variety of Attachments
Enclosed Cab with Heater
Air Conditioning
Full-Suspension Seat for Added Operator Comfort

The A Series

The all-new A Series is engineered from the perspective of the operator. It has a comfortable, safe, and stable design that features the following:

It has heavy I-beam and C-channel mast rails that allow for a wider view.
The full-floating drive train and the operator's compartment greatly reduce vibration and eliminate operator fatigue for increased comfort and productivity.
Suspended foot pedals and a larger floor area allow easy access and egress to the operator's compartment while providing added comfort.
A new hydraulic system and components provide 20% to 25% faster lift speeds and related hydraulic functions than previous models.